the mission

There was a time when Gnosis and hermetics revealed the oneness of the macrocosm, the cosmos and mankind.

Then came a time in which science, humanities, art and spirituality developed in seperate streams.

And now, in our times, they can come together again because they are of the same origin.


The eternal truths of Gnosis and hermetics are revealing themselves in modern human being who awakens to a higher consciousness.


Rosycross Foundations have been founded in Spain, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, France, Poland, Brazil, Italy… to bear witness to this development. Some of them concentrate on research about the influence of Gnosis and hermetics on the history of our culture. Others focus on creative impulses for the future.

The Rosycross Foundations are building bridges. They are a forum, on which representatives of art, humanities, natural sciences and spiritual movements meet.

With this portal we hope to incite multinational and multicultural exchange, stimulate search of international community and offer free space for expression and inspiration.