Cradle of Humanity. A living Tradition

The modern science has shown the huge parallels between the laws governing the universe and the laws that rule the world, the human being, or the atom. In antiquity, and especially in the Hermetic tradition, in order to explain the same idea, reference was made to the tri-unity of the Microcosm, cosmos and microcosm. The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus, transmitted to the West by the Arabs in the Middle Ages, said:

                                   As above so below

The exhibition wants to show the broad vital picture that humanity has wandered in this small Pyrenean region through the centuries. The human presence in these lands is dated of thousands of years, and, since then, big and small facts have been recorded, enrolled in the silent stones and in the thin air of these territories. Visiting this small human microcosm that represents the history of Sabarthez, is, ultimately, contemplate in small the history of mankind.

Because we cannot really separate a part of the whole.

The air that we breathe in these high mountains today, could be, tomorrow, inhaled in Paris or Barcelona, and the light of the stars that we perceive as real and present at the moment, perhaps thousands of years ago that became extinct.

Past, present and future, space and time, are just a dress to cover our own human essence, because it is richer and deeper of what our thinking can reach. It is presented as a longing, an aspiration to something higher, uppermost.

The facts, the ideas and the feelings of the human history are so different and varied that, at times, we consider them as a chaotic and disorderly succession of random events. But if we penetrate its meaning and we are able to see the reality across a whole, we understand that in the human DNA there is a living tradition, a substantial unit that twin and join the human beings together.

We trust that this exhibition can show clearly the sense of human brotherhood that has driven and continues to drive yet definitely the living tradition of the humanity.

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