Fundación Rosacruz

The Fundación Rosacruz is a non-profit cultural foundation, registered in the protectorate of foundations of the Ministry of culture of Spain with the number 212.

Its fundamental objective is the study and the dissemination of hermetic thought and Rosicrucian as well as its influence in great thinkers and civilizing movements.

Created in 1993, has been since then continuing active: libraries open to the public; numerous works of research, conferences, exhibitions and music concerts; translation and editing of books, magazines and catalogues; as well as the creation of the Centre studies Rosicrucian and the center of studies Cathars.

Today the Rosicrucian Foundation enjoys a strong reputation. It is an open forum, in contact with academic, social and artistic institutions, where returns to attend the “spirit of Fez” which talks about Christian Rosicrucian, a spirit that encourages men to meet and share mutual discovered knowledge, to improve the society in which they live.

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